The Interchain Highway

Hyperlane is pioneering permissionless and modular interoperability between blockchains


Use Hyperlane as an API to communicate between blockchains easily and securely, leverage the Hyperlane SDK to quickly build interchain applications, or bring interoperability to any new chain.


Permissionless Interoperability is the freedom to bring a complete set of connectivity features to any blockchain, any appchain, or any rollup, anytime.


Power to the App

Introducing Sovereign Consensus, a modular defense technology empowering you to customize your app's interchain security model and dynamically shield against malicious interchain transactions.

Expand with Hyperlane


Bring interchain network effects and composability to your Layer 1, Rollup, or Appchain ecosystem with Hyperlane's Permissionless Interoperability.


Augment your tokens and NFTs with Hyperlane's Warp Routes. Launch interchain-native assets from day one.

Interchain Apps

Tap into userbases in distant ecosystems and level up your app with a Hyperlane integration. Open up a Hyperlane route to reach your user where they are.

First Contact

If you're interested in bringing Hyperlane to your ecosystem or application, please reach out to our crew.