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Sovereign Consensus

Hyperlane’s modular security stack gives you the power to customize your interchain security model. Stack additional security layers so nothing gets past your defenses.

Economic Security

Hyperlane’s default configuration is secured by Proof-of-Stake, meaning your interchain messages are secured by a base layer of economic security.

Custom Modules

Hyperlane offers multiple out-of-the-box Interchain Security Modules (ISMs) that you can choose from. Not satisfied? Mix and match existing ISMs or build your own.

Dynamic Security

Set parameters to filter messages by their contents. Filter out hacks before they even happen. You can even set parameters to route different messages types through different ISMs.

The Hyperlane Stack


Send and receive interchain messages: Hyperlane makes interchain communication easy with a simple on-chain API for sending and receiving messages.

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Interchain Queries

Send calls to any contract on any Hyperlane-supported chain. The Queries API allows you to make view calls to other chains and receive result in a callback.

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Interchain Accounts

Use the Interchain Accounts API to create accounts with deterministic addresses on remote chains. Use them to make remote calls to smart contracts.

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Liquidity Layer

Attach value to your Hyperlane messages using the Liquidity Layer API. The API wraps several token bridges to enable token transfers alongside messages.

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Warp Routes

Permisionlessly deploy token synthetics to any Hyperlane-supported chain. Issuers of tokens no longer need to convince bridges to support their tokens.

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Permisionless Deployments

Hyperlane is designed to be deployed to new chains by anyone, at any time. Anyone can deploy Hyperlane to a new chain and start sending messages.

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